DD's Fresh Cream cakes are the best cakes in Birmingham!

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About us

Almost every person in this world loves a nice piece of cake, and what can be better than good tasting and nicely decorated piece. We produce the best quality cakes adapted to personal taste and design of the client, while also making sure that every cake consists of only high quality ingredients. 

We understand importance of delivering your order exactly the way you have instructed us, therefore our promise to you is that every order we receive will be carried out with extra care . 

With the quality of our service, our target is to ensure we make as many  people happy as possible, simply providing just what client wants.

 *Unfortunately  we do not provide a delivery service, however we will try to find compromise and deliver goods on an agreed meeting point best for both parties.

 How to choose the best cake for you                       

Our website is very  useful for everyone, especially  for those who have never come across the decision of  ordering and designing their own cake before. By  providing you with your own choice of Base, Cream, Icing, Shape, Colour  and Flavour. We will make sure your imaginary  cake, comes to real. These are just a few options to help you to compose your own cake.




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